Premier real estate brand Filigree recently opened its doors to its newest Showsuites. The newest headquarters provides a first glimpse of the impeccable quality and attention to detail that the Filigree brand is known for.

“We have had dedicated showrooms for each of our projects, but with the growth of our brand it was only fitting that we took this step. We want our clients to experience what it’s like to live in a Filigree home with just one visit. This Showsuites is the embodiment of everything Filigree stands for and we made sure that this would be evident in the design and customer experience,” says Filigree deputy head Daphne Sanchez.

Design firm Periquet Galicia was commissioned to take on the work of realizing Filigree’s vision.  Principal designer Tina Periquet shared insights on her experience of working on the project.

“It’s always a pleasure to work with a company whose values are closely aligned with ours. I feel the brand name Filigree is apt, as it speaks of refinement, luxury and meticulous craft.  Translating this in the language of design and architecture, we worked together to create an environment that satisfies both the mind and the eye, harmoniously proportioned and thoughtfully detailed to induce a sense of calm and delight,” she notes

The 2,500-square meter property boasts of stately contoured spaces. A visit will take you through well-designed expanses that comprise the personalized tours carried out by skilled account specialists.


Reflecting the high aesthetic quality of the planned spaces is a symmetrical and perfect-in-form lobby that sets the tone for the overall experience. Each area, whether it be the lounge or the AV room, were intended to echo the design principles of Filigree. Towering ceiling heights, floor to ceiling glass walls, spacious hallways, and well thought-out color schemes represent the signature aesthetics of a Filigree project.

Undoubtedly, the pieces de resistance are the two model units, designed by Periquet Galicia, to demonstrate the potentials of selected units of Botanika Nature Residence’s Tower 2.

“We spent many months developing the space plans of every single condo unit in the building. Each square inch was pored over to ensure that the ideal distribution of space was achieved, while seeing to it that the rooms were well-shaped, so that standard furniture from stores could fit neatly. It’s surprising how many times you end up seeing a bed edge jutting out in front of a doorway, or a sofa blocking an operable window, because of a poor space plan,” adds Periquet. The challenge was to resolve upfront all the complexities stemming from the curved shape of the building, so that the unit owners need not have to deal with any awkward corners or odd elements, and can just furnish and move in with minimal customizing.

The two model units were deliberately designed in contrasting styles—a pared-down, edgy treatment with sculpted forms and a cool neutral palette, and a more formal, transitional setting rendered in ivory, cream, and black—to show how different personalities can happily settle down in perfect harmony at Botanika Nature Residences.

Since its launch, Filigree has constantly emphasized its focus on enhanced living experiences that is achieved through proper and smart integration of location, space, design, and nature. Get a better sense of this and more at Filigree’s newly opened Showsuites. To visit, please schedule an appointment through Filigree Showsuites is located on Corporate Avenue, Filinvest City, Alabang, across Bristol at Parkway Place and is open daily from 8 am to 6 pm.

This article was first published in The Philippine Star’s Property Report.